Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Long Road to Recovery

Atijeevan foundation has been helping Akayamma from the day she was admitted to the Hospital after acid attack. The road to recovery is really long and painful. After her she was discharged from her initial treatment, lot of scars(keloids in medical term)formed on her face which made her pain miserable.

She has to undergo another surgery ten days back to release the Keloids and reduce her pain. Atijeevan took full responsibility of getting her admitted the Hospital and paid for all her hospitalization and Surgery cost. Thankfully she is feeling much better now and she is ready to go home with her daughter.

She may need another similar surgery as the skin is very active for almost two year and scars keep on forming. We will keep a close eye on her health and guiding her to take care of the skin during this period. There are some specialized but expensive creams to to help reduce the scar formation, Atijeevan has already provided her the medicines and counselled her to apply them regularly.

It takes an instant to throw acid on a person but takes years to heal the wound. Hope she endure this painful time and come out stronger to life.


  1. Just found your post by searching on the Google, I am Impressed and Learned Lot of new thing from your post.