Feelings of a student about the Acid Attack Victims

This video created by a student explains the expectation of a Acid Attack survivor from the society.
Least you can do is to let them blossom amongst YOU !!!

Atijeevan Foundation Appeals to the Society

 The founder of Atiijeevan Foundation, Pragya appeals to the society to come forward and help the acid attack survivors and contribute to Atijeevan's effort to empower them.



I Am Not My Face Campaign

"I am not my face " It's an initiative by ATIJEEVAN FOUNDATION to show urban women showing solidarity to acid attack survivors and also to send a message to people who objectify women based on their physical attributes. By blackening their faces women send a dual message to survivors that we understand your pain and also symbolize that we are ashamed to live in a society where women are objectified. A society where the "Face" is seen as a mode to settle scores. Our message is simple "You can take my face, not my identity"

Even after healing, the scars of acid attacks torment the victims

There have been several reports of acid attacks particularly on women from all over the country. Post an acid attack, the facial tissues of the victim get badly damaged and most of them may even become blinded for life. What is startling is that in several of the cases, the attack happens over a petty dispute or a small sum of money. In this special report NDTV talks to several acid-attack

Pragya speaks up about Supreme Court's acid regulations

Pragya survived one of the most brutal assaults a person can face - an acid attack. Since then, she's undergone multiple surgeries and works with "Stop Acid Attacks," a foundation that fights for survivors' rights. Here, she responds to the Supreme Court's recent order that acid sales be tracked and regulated.