Atijeevan Belives to stand Firmly with the survivor and guide them all the Psychological and Physical support. We do not belive in charity rather we believe that more than money or financial support what acid survivors lack is self esteem. They shy away from coming out of house let alone do any job or work outside their four walls. We try to help them with proper counselling and showing them a sustainable way of life. We know that they are fighters from within to stand up againt such brutal assault on their body on soul. What they lack is proper guidance and acceptance in the society. Given proper guidance they can stand once again on their feat and lead a life of dignity.
We are working towrds helping them with following three priorities.
1. Medical support to correct their disabilitis by roping in best of the plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the counrty.
2. Counselling with positive guidance and look forward attitude. 
3. Setting up sustainable source of income that fits their capabilty and interest.