Our Advisors

Treatment of acid burn requires specialized doctors and plastic surgeons as the damage to the skin much more severe than any other form of burn. The nerves damage most often get beyond repair. If eye gets in contact with acid, then saving it from loss of vision is a very challenging work and most common eye doctors do not know about how to handle them to revive the eye. The facial re constructive surgeries for eye lid, lips, nose and ear require an artist in a plastic surgeon and the result for these delicate surgeries greatly influence the future looks of acid burn patients. 

Hence we feel that any one in our country gets best possible advice and guidance for his/her treatment post an acid attack. For the same reason we have roped in best plastic surgeon, eye doctor and skin specialist in India to work with us and provide guidance to acid burn victims when it is needed the most. 
All these doctors have experience of handling acid burns several of us have already consulted them personally. We have arranged successful surgeries with these doctors and have faith in their ability.

In case you want to get in touch with our advisers and consult them personally, please feel free to contact us. Based on your medical need we will arrange a personal consultation with them.

Dr Sarita Kapoor

Atijeevan's Honorary Advisor, Dr. Sarita is a renowned doctor from Mumbai who has valuable experience in treating burn patients for over a decade. She is associated with Atijeevan to help us in several ways like organizing Fund mobilization drives, advising burn patients' treatment based on their specific needs and taking up issues with Political/Medical authorities for bringing in reforms to help burn patients across the country.