Share You Story

Are you an Acid Attack Survivor or do you know an Acid survivor who is lost in the oblivion of society negligence, then feel free to come forward and get in touch with us. We will try to provide whatever possible help we can provide to say the least. 
If you are worried about your name being spread out in public then please don't be. We @Atijeevan Foundation do not believe in creating hype of any kind using name of any acid victim and get publicity for that. Whether you want to come forward and show your face to world or not will entirely be your discretion.
We will be more than happy to just get in touch with you and connect with you to lessen your pain.

On medical front we are in touch with best plastic surgeons in the country and we will be really happy if we can help you with any advice you may need regarding surgery and post surgery care. Some of the details are listed right here on our website.

So whatever is you story simply come forward and get in touch with us. Even if we are not able to directly help but we assure you that we will walk with you on the painful path ahead of you.

Please visit our Contact Us page and get in touch with us.