Archana has  stood  very strong during her 4 yrs of struggle after acid attack. She is the girl who first think of others and then think of herself. She came forward to face media and society when she realized there are lot of acid survivors who never got any help from anyone. She started her struggle all alone, talking to media about not only her pain,  but the fellow Survivors pain.
Almost every month or alternate month she undergoes surgery. It's been 26 surgeries so far. It was in July this year when Supreme court verdict on a PIL on acid sale regulation was about to be announced, She came from Chennai after her eyelid reconstructive surgery and she was told to take bed rest.
The very next day she started campaigning for the acid sale regulation. I was so delighted to see this girl who is barely fit to shout under the sun whole day, stood by all the survivors for the judgement.
Last week she again went for a surgery in Delhi. This time it was a very critical one...a very Risky one which went for couple of hours...
She was in ICU for a week, feed  by nose as she could not open her mouth. the whole face is covered and stitched..Today, after a week she had some water and liquids from her mouth. I can only Imagine the pain she must be bearing from a week.But yes i am with her...because i know that  her will to be better will make her overcome everything, every pain and hope she will be fine someday  though she cannot have a normal face again....

Anu Mukherjee

Around 6.30pm on December 19, 2004, I was heading for my duty and my brother was at the tuition. The hotel used to send a vehicle to pick us up and it was waiting. As I walked out, I saw Meena, her brother Qayoom Khan aka Raju and some of their friends. The winter chill had just set in and they were covered in shawls. I asked Meena what they were doing there and she said in a strange tone: “Bas tujhse milne aayi hu.”
In a flash, her brother drew out an arm and threw acid on me. I screamed in shock and pain, and the passers-by started pouring water and milk on me. My clothes got burnt and my chest was exposed. An auto driver immediately covered me with his shirt and took me to Apollo Hospital.
There were days when patrons would shell out even R1 lakh. I put Kushal in a school and started dreaming of a future. I was the hotel’s number one dancer for three straight years. A woman named Meena Khan, a mother of two who didn’t earn much, was among my co-workers. One day, she asked me to leave the job. I told her, “This is all I can do to earn a living. I can’t leave.” I went to the police to file a complaint but the hotel owner threatened me that I would lose my job if I pressed charges against her. Meena apologised and I let the matter go.
I came home after spending three months in the hospital. My brother was 13 years old and everything was over for us. We’d sold off every possible item for my treatment. But I never lost hope to be able to see again and went to every hospital possible. They said I would never be able to see. I went through several surgeries that cost me R2-3 lakh. I still need another R20 lakh to get better.
Eventually, the money ran out and so did my treatment.
I’m part of nobody’s life. I want to rebuild my life, open a dance school but there’s no help from the government. When I go out, people wonder about my covered face. I don’t want to tell them what happened. My friends from the hotel don’t talk to me anymore. They were the ones I’d spent some of my life’s best days with — eating, shopping, just being merry.
But I want to be independent. I want to live as normal a life as I possibly can.
I can’t see but I can still dance.

Tuba Tabassum

On 26th September 2012 She was on her way to daily tuition class, a routine walk she made every day. On her way, Tuba was met with four boys and stopped in her tracks by one she recognized from her class. Insisting Tuba should talk to him, she walked on and rejected his advances. Her rejection damaged his ego. With a two liter Cocoa Cola bottle filled with acid, the boy then splashed the bottle in her face. Tuba  thought it was boiling water because of the burning sensation. She never thought it could possibly be acid. When she bent over to cover her face, screaming,
the boy then poured the remaining acid in  the bottle over Tuba's back, shoulders, arms and legs. That day all her dreams were shattered. She wanted to become a doctor.She was only 16 when she was acid attacked.
Now she struggles to look better and persue her dream again!
She is our Inspiration...


Shaina was attacked with acid three and a half years back on 11th august 2009. The reason was predictable as others- REJECTION. She rejected the proposal of marriage from a boy whowanted to marry her. She had some other goals in her life, different dreams for her spouse. But now, we are not sure that she will get married in future or not. Her dreams are shattered, her lifeis ruined.
Initially she underwent treatment at Guru Teg Bahadur hospital for three months. For the further surgeries she was referred to RML hospital by Dr Ashish Rai who has been looking after her treatments and surgeries since day 1.
In her case the verdict was satisfying after a long struggle, the accused was convicted and awarded life imprisonment from the lower court. But still Shaina’s family cannot take a breadth and rest now because the judgment is challenged in high court and she has to continue her fight for justice there as well.
She has four sisters and a brother. Eight members in total including Shaina and her parents, all of them are into stitching and various kinds of embroideries. Shaina wants a home based work as she has to undergo surgery every 3 to 4 months. And it takes a month for recovery. During this time she could not step outside. Her family members will complete her work on time during her recovery phase. She is very confident and wants people to trust her and give orders to see her dedication and help her meeting her livelihood expenses.
Shaina is a very laborious and hard working girl with never say die attitude. She is willing to do any work within her limits from her home to support her family and finance her surgeries as they cost a lot.
Note: Having a family background in stitching and an experience over 20 years, her family is expert in all kind of embroideries and  stitching.They can take up target based contract in the above mentioned works.