Acid burn usually takes two to three months time to heal.During treatments of wounds in a hospital, kin of acid burn patients should understand the importance of following listed points. Usually the doctors/nurse treating the patients should take care but it is good for the attendants of burn patient to be doubly sure. And in case there is any negligence, bring the issue to correct authority notice.

1. Hygiene 

The most common cause of death for acid burn patients is Infection. The burn skin is very sensitive and can be very easily infected if not taken care and cleaned properly. Hence throughout the course of treatment, a strict hygiene has to be maintained until the wounds are completely healed. The room and washroom used by patients should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant 2-3 times a day. Food containers used for carrying patients food should be properly sterilized before use. Outside food is strict no.

2. Proper Dressing;

Utmost care has to be maintained while doing dressing for movable body parts. It has to be ensured that burnt skin do not come in contact with each other, otherwise they would stick with each other leading to handicap.

3. Physiotherapy 

Due to acid burn nerves under skin get permanently damaged leading to inability in the movement of body parts. If ignored it can lead to physical handicap. Hence regular sessions of physiotherapy is important to ensure that nerves are trained properly and body part remain movable

4. Skin Grafting 

The surgery perform to cover the open flesh with a skin, taken from the other part of the body like thigh or lower back where there is no burn.

5. Protein Rich Food

Burned patient needs lot of protein and carbohydrates for damaged tissues to heel. Consult the hospital nutritionist to arrange for proper deit for the patient throughout the course of treatment.

6. Hemoglobin Check 

Since lot of blood is lost due to burn injury, it results in very low hemoglobin level. Doctors cannot perform any surgery if hemoglobin is low. Hence patients should take diet which aids in building hemoglobin level and in some case blood transfusion should also be considered.

7. Corrective Surgery 

After the burn would heal a series of corrective surgery are required for correcting the contracted skin, reconstructing the burnt body parts like eyebrow, nosetrils, ear holes etc depending on feasibility. A good plastic surgeon should be consulted for planning out the sequence of operation.

Disclaimer: The details mentioned here are based on experience of Pragya Singh. Treatment course may differ for different patients. Please refer a specialist for best possible treatment.