We are Atijeevan Society in registered under The Society’s Act, 1860 bearing Registration Number DRO/SJN/SOR/256/13-14.Our esteemed secretary is Mrs.Pragya Singh, who has been fighting for empowerment and rehabilitation of acid attack survivors for more than 5 years now.
Acid attack is the throwing of corrosive acid on a person which melts down the skin as well flesh of the affected area, even resulting in blindness and sadly, even death. Legal battles are in process in Supreme Court for compensation and trial of the accused. Unfortunately, justice alone cannot provide peace in such incidences, as the survivor has to forever carry the marks of the incident which affect them the most financially. As since then, starts the endless battle with surgeries, medicines and society .Our primary aim is to help them in this lifelong battle, we hope to do the same by supporting their rehabilitation physically, mentally and economically. In lay man’s language, getting funds for surgeries, medicines or providing them with employment, whatever is required.

Atijeevan  is striving to open the doors of opportunities for the survivors to earn their living with their own skills and talent and also help them to become economically independent in their lives. The organization is even going to guide them with Medical and Legal Assistance with the help of Team of Professionals and Donors.