Medical are

One needs to take care of the skin after the wounds heal post surgery so that the scarred tissues settle well.
Following three simple techniques have shown good results.

a) Regular Massage – with Contratubex and coconut oil, two times each daily.

b) Gell sheet- to be applied on affected area at least for 12 hrs a days.

c) Pressure Garment- to wear for at least 10-12 hrs a day.


Patients should be provided good counseling support as the long course of treatment, pain, social stigma has a very detrimental effect on their self esteem. In most cases they loose hope to live and be back again in the society. There are several instances when the acid burn patients have bounced back in life. Citing such examples help the patients to regain faith and look ahead for their log battle with life.

Social Reintegration Support

In many cases acid burn patients are disowned by their kins due to social stigma attached to the patients. The expensive cost of treatment is another reason. Without proper social re integration support patients tend to alienate them selves from the society. They should be persuaded to step outside and participate in all the day to day activities that they can. Following are few important ways to enable social reintegration of the patients.


Patients may need to travel to various cities(usually metros) and hospitals due to various surgery needs. In many cases they cannot afford shelter for themselves and theirs family members at these locations. They should be provided shelter during the treatment course and also after that.

Occupational Training

Making the patients financially independents is a very effective in re installing confidence in them. With proper occupational training they can work and earn money for them and their families. This increases their self esteem and motivates them to look ahead in life.

Education support

Several acid burn patients come from very weaker section of the society and they may not have proper education. Providing educational support opens new options for them and makes their chance of rehabilitation better.