Monday 19 October 2015

Making It Easier To Live with Scars

The scars of Acid burns are skin deep, they never fade away from victims skin and heart. Even the most potent medicine "Time" can not heal the scars from a survivor's body and soul but can it be concealed? 
Yes it can be. Pearl Academy of Fashion New Delhi recently hosted a work shop in association with Atijeevan foundation where all the Acid Survivors working with Atijeevan received training from our medical partners on how to conceal the without surgery. The effect of these makeups were amazing and Atijeevan Foundation thanks all who enabled it especially Pear Academy to give a platform for this workshop.  
There are many instances in a survivors life where they shy away from facing people like social gathering, marriages, festival only due to their looks as they do not feel comfortable with the  uneasy questions and glare of on lookers. These makeup techniques will definitely help the survivors to participate in these occasion and enjoy the memories like any other.

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