Sunday 15 September 2013

Acid Attack Survivors Empowerment Project

Atijeevan Foundation along with fellow Acid Survivors and friends as volunteers is trying very hard to create a social enterprise plan to support our fellow Survivors in terms of employment. Hence we have launched an Indiegogo project for raising funds for it via crowd funding. Any one across the world can contribute to us via his credit card starting from 1$ ie around 65 rupees. We have special perks for our contributors in  appreciations to their support.   

The amount collected from the Campaign will help us Establish a stitching workstation  for the survivors. Where in they will produce the Home Furnishing products. We will organize exhibitions of those products to raise money for supporting their livelihoods.

A small contribution from you can make a huge difference in some one's life. Please visit the following link to get more details regarding the project and contribute. Looking forward to all of you with hope.

Best Regards,
Co-Founder, Atijeevan Foundation

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