Monday 26 August 2013

It never gets over; the struggle to live continues..

The incident changed the person I was – kind, caring and understanding. The attack not only left mark on my face but also my inner-self. People surely observed the change in my attitude, from a jovial, nonchalant person to the one who would be picky every now and then, but no one cared enough to find out what made me be so. Living with the pain and the itching skin day and night made the changed person I was. But remember I don’t care anymore as there are often but bigger bitter things that keep surfacing.
Adversities help us realize our faithful companion, people who stand by you and embrace you for what you are and be a continuous pillar of support. One of them is my true soul-mate – my husband. When I talk about him, my heart glows!  I think every man on earth should be like him - a true gentleman. Not only because he has been by my side all the way but because he respects all and doesn’t hold resentment against anyone. At times in public people’s response puts me off but he maintains a perfect balance and holds me tightly and gives a warm smile to the passer-by.

I am a drop in an ocean, I cannot change my city or my country,because I will always carry my face and that face will always arise so many questions and shocking reactions, so now I have accepted it. Whenever  people stare at me I smile at them. Some smile back but some run away. If I can change people’s perception around me half the battle would be won as beauty lies in the eye of a beholder.

At times, there arises in me a strong desire to relive the past, admiring myself in the mirror or worried about my dark circle and pimples away from those inquisitive, staring eyes but the struggle to live continues.


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