Monday, 29 July 2013

Importance of Prompt and Proper Treatment - Pragya

After conversation with Sonam and Chanchal I realized how negligence in treatment and Surgeries can lead to harmful lasting effect on the recovery of acid burn patients. Chanchal’s skin grafting  was performed in some central hospital in Bihar. Unfortunately most of her grafts did not settle well and got rejected by her skin. There could be several reasons for this but negligence has to play a major role as well. I am not complaning but its a matter of  concern why didn't her grafts settled? Her eyelids were reconstructed but she is still without eyelids because the eyelid graft  did not attach with her skin and it came out. I too was in similar situation when I consulted a specialist at Apollo hospital Chennai. After my surgery thankfully my upper and lower eyelid settled well in the first attempt and I did not have to go through the pain of follow up surgeries. That’s the difference  in treatment.

Correct long term care has similar impact. Silicon Gel sheet and Contratubex gel are boons for burn patients. I used it on my skin and visibly noticed the difference in few days. But many patient are not aware of it. I am surprised that even some doctors don't know about it or do not prescribe it.

We want to create awareness among people on how to take care of of acid burn patients. How to administer the first aid to prevent severe damage and how to take care of the surgeries further. More details on medical issues is provided in the Medical section of our website. In my opinion  Rehabilitation is the next step we must first ensure that all survivors recover well from the injuries.


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