Our Objectives

Atijeevan stands for 'Survival'.

The name of our organization suggest our objective and motto i.e to live amidst all the adversity. It is about bringing a ray of hope among the Acid Attack survivors who are victimized by this cruel and Violent act . As a team our objective is to give all the survivors a fair and equal chance to make their place in the society like any other common, competent and Independent individual does.We are trying to become as a bridge between the survivors and society so that these survivors can travel their journey of life with the same ease, comfort, respect and Opportunities as any common man gets. Due to ignorance of the government and civil society, most survivors find no hope and stay like an outcast, in solitude. Atijeevan aims to research and track acid attack cases and compile a data to get the actual situation of survivors.

We believe in the philosophy that "If you give someone a piece of bread, you satisfy their hunger but if you teach them how to earn that bread, you make their lives". We, at Atijeevan Foundation, aim at creating an environment for the survivors where they can develop and nourish their talents and make a living out of it.

There is a famous clause to indemnify the victim in an insurance contract. It basically means to put the person in the same position as before the accident. Our objective is to do the same for the survivors; physically, mentally and psychologically. May it be providing monetary help to clear hospital bills or payment of school/college fees and even providing them with employment so as to secure their future.